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Part Number Description
**AR4677 Oval Latch
**AR4678 Oval Latch
138-1055 Latch single bolt lock
138-1058 Latch single bolt lock
2716 Latch single vertical bolt
2818 Latch
2864 Latch vertical bolts
2871 Latch single vertical bolt
2877 Latch two vertical bolts
2959 Finger Pull Flush Latch
2963 Finger Pull Flush Latch
AR125 Tention latch
AR130 Large Flush Latch
AR136 Retainer bolt
AR138 Latch single bolt
AR166 Latch Push Button
AR167 Latch Slide Knob
AR169 Latch Push Button
AR170 Latch Push Button
AR2546 Door holder
AR2547 Door holder
AR2563 Latch two vertical bolts
AR2579 Latch finger pull
AR26 Finger Pull Latch
AR2674 Latch finger pull
AR2713 Latch two vertical bolts
AR2794 Latch finger pull
AR29 Turn
AR30 Turn
AR4677-1 Oval Latch
AR4678-1 Oval Latch
AR63 Deadlock
AR72 Latch finger pull flush
AR73 Latch finger pull flush

Adams Rite Aerospace has been designing and manufacturing aircraft interior hardware since the first flight of the DC-3.  Since then our product has been selected for various applications on most every major commercial aircraft, including all Boeing and Airbus applications.

Our extensive selection includes hardware for doors, cabinets, stowage bins and adjustable passenger and crew seat controls. Many of these components are also used on ground support equipment and in marine applications. Our unique door and bin flush latches enable designers to give cabin interiors a consistent look and feel while accommodating a wide variety of door-opening directions, latching points and loads. We provide a complete selection of handles, latching mechanisms, locking cylinders and strikes that can be assembled to meet both routine and custom requirements.

In February 2002, Airbus selected Adams Rite Aerospace for complete cockpit door locking systems to be installed on all Airbus cockpit doors. This resulted in the development of the Cockpit Door Locking System for Single-Aisle, Widebody and Long-Range aircraft.

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