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Part Number Description
AR4701 Electric Strike
AR4704 Electric Strike
AR4708 Electric Strike
AR4709 Cockpit Door Controller
AR4710 Keypad
AR4714 Electric Strike
AR4726 Electric Strike
AR51331-1 External Thermal Fuse

Adams Rite Aerospace has designed and manufactured many of the latching components used in Cockpit Doors for commercial  and general aviation aircraft for many years.

In early 2002, we were selected to provide the complete system or components of the system to be used to secure the cockpit door for all Airbus aircraft and Boeing widebody aircraft under the requirements of SFAR 92.

In February, Airbus selected Adams Rite Aerospace for complete cockpit door locking systems to be installed on all Airbus cockpit doors. This system includes door bolting systems, electric strikes, keypad and controller for Single-Aisle, Widebody, and Long-Range aircraft.

Each Airbus cockpit security system features a three-point latching system actuated by the center latch via articulating aluminum rods. Each latch interfaces with a high-speed, impact-resistant electric strike. This interface has been successfully tested to withstand 300 joules impact for intrusion resistance. The electric strike also interfaces with a decompression sensor in the cockpit. In the event a critical decompression occurs, the response time of the entire system is within 6 milliseconds.

Adams Rite Aerospace, a Group of TransDigm, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of aircraft interior hardware and fluid components and systems, throttle quadrants, electromechanical controls and oxygen systems. ARA is ISO registered with a worldwide network of sales representatives that can be found at http://www.adamsriteaerospace.com

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